KAQCHI is a beaded obsessory (oops, we mean) accessory shop that was created to empower women around the world! Named after an ancient Mayan language, Kaqchikel (ka-CHEE-kel), each piece is meticulously handcrafted by indigenous Mayan women in Guatemala. Using premium nylon and exquisite glass beads, each KAQCHI product promises durability and elegance.

Co-founded by Kristie & Kim, their admiration for Mayan beadwork inspired them to seek artisans to create custom accessories. It didn't take long before the KAQCHI movement was born, sourcing materials locally to support artisan villages & communities, while building a team of talented women to support through fair trade.

KAQCHI is an LGBTQ+ women-owned business based out of Delray Beach, FL. After launching a 5-star Etsy shop in 2019, it continues to fulfill its mission to create jobs, independence, and opportunity for women and families.

Thank you for becoming part of our KAQCHI family. We look forward to growing with you!